Our vision

At Hogrefe we believe that knowledge brings benefits – provided it is captured, molded into a useful form, and disseminated widely. With a commitment that is personal to each of us, we work closely with our partners in the fields of science, teaching and practice to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

Our values inspire us at Hogrefe every single day, so that together with these partners, we strive to further improve established paths, to take new roads, and to cultivate knowledge so we can all reach our full potential.

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For us, working scientifically means being open to new ideas while adding quality and focus in order to harness knowledge for health, education, business and everyday life. Our deep roots in science are the benchmarks by which our products and services are measured.


We work closely with our business partners, authors and customers so that together we can achieve success. Our companies feel a great personal commitment to science and psychology and are dedicated to moving our field forward with continuity and innovation.


We are ready and eager to face the challenges that the future inevitably brings. We strive to maximize the potential for modern market-driven publications developed within a creative and collaborative process, to advance both science and practice.

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