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The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care

Olle Jane Z Sahler, John E Carr, Julia Frank

A clearly structured, compact text on the behavioral sciences for medical and other health professions, including practical features such as chapter review questions and an annotated practice exam.

The brand new edition of this easy-to-use text presents succinct information about the wide variety of neurological, social, and psychological sciences that interact with the biological sciences in contributing to health and illness.
Based around but expanding on the Integrated Sciences Model, and focusing on the Institute of Medicine’s key themes for medical training, this new edition is organized in sections covering:

• Brain Systems
• Homeostatic Systems and Disorders
• Individual-Environment Interaction
• Development Through the Life Cycle
• Social and Cultural Issues
• Societal and Behavioral Health Challenges
• The Health Care System, Policy, and Economics
• The Clinical Relationship
• Psychopathology

New chapters deal with Physician Health, Impairment, and Misconduct; the Psychiatric Evaluation, Principles of Psychotherapy; Nutrition, Metabolism, and Feeding Disorders; Somatization and Somatoform Disorders; Adjustment Disorders, Bereavement, and Demoralization; and a new look at the U.S. Health Care System. Clear appendices review principles of epidemiology and bio-statistics.

Each chapter begins with guidance questions and ends with current recommended readings and review questions. A complete 350+ question-and-answer multiple choice-type review section not only allows readers to assess how well they have learned the material, but also highlights important points and adds additional specific information to supplement the text.
The authors of this text are experienced teachers and researchers drawn from the membership of the Association for the Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education (ABSAME) as well as other health care educators who are national and international experts in the behavioral sciences.

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